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Master Data Management Architect

Job Ref: PB738 25/01


£110,000 Package per annum



Master Data Management Architect

Our Client is looking for an experienced MDM Architect

Responsibilities include:

• Develop, maintain, promote and execute the implementation of Target Information Architectures to optimise the organisation, reliability and flow of data across R&D business processes

• Prioritize, develop and establish a landscape of Master Data that are readily consumable by data analysts and project teams supporting both transactional systems and analytical systems

• Drive the adoption of Data Governance to support the management of Master Data

• Articulate to senior management the benefits and limitations of Master Data management and Information Architectures in supporting both current and planned business activity.

• Drive the identification and adoption of master data sources within the business and IT communities

• Drive the adoption of MDM and Information Architectures on related projects

• Take a proactive approach to understanding, shaping existing R&D scientific, business, and social data sources so they are of high quality, dependable and re-usable

• Act as the Design Authority for implementation of MDM and Information Architectures

• Develop and evolve Master Data Management services in partnership with our strategic vendors

• Keep abreast of emerging trends in Master Data and Information Architecture and integrate them into the target architectures when appropriate.


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