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Full Stack Web Developer

Job Ref: PB739 27/01





The role

Our client is looking for a Full Stack Developer to join their UK team. This is an opportunity to join a growing and dynamic team, and be involved in a wide range of strategic technological activities and projects.

The successful candidate must possess the following.

• Good knowledge and follows front end development trends and major frameworks

• Good experience with ES6 + React + Redux + webpack stack (although you may be able to convince us to use different stack)

• Good command of backend Node.js

• Excellent CSS (including preprocessors, good practices, Bootstrap)

• Good eye, appreciation and knowledge of good practices for UI/UX

• Experience deploying scalable applications in AWS, GoogleCloud (or other clouds)

Good to have skills:

• Server Side Rendering for single page applications

• Nginx/Apache configuration

• Working with microservice architectures

• Designing REST APIs

• React Native

• Using Docker in development and production environments

• Embedded in dev communities (e.g. reactiflux for React)

Awesome skills:

• SQL, NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB), GraphQL

• Experience with backend Java 8

• Experience with other programming languages (Python, Elixir + Erlang VM)


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