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Job Ref: MB740 27/01





Your role:

We are seeking Software Engineers on behalf of our client, who will be responsible for development of the company’s software portfolio, from user interface and systems programming to real-time and embedded firmware.

General duties of the role will include but are not limited to:

• Design, development, testing and maintenance of software.

• Review of software, designs and estimates.

• Providing estimates of work to be undertaken as input to planning and scheduling of major deliverables.

• Contributing to the development of procedures and guidelines for the ongoing improvement of the software development function within the Company.

• Prepared to travel occasionally for work.

Relevant skills:

• Basic understanding of Electronic and Systems design.

• Knowledge and experience of relevant languages, such as C/C++, C#, Python, JavaScript/jQuery, shell scripting, HTML/CSS.

• Knowledge and experience of production software development tools and processes.

• Knowledge and experience of hardware interfacing in Unix or Windows (preferably both).

• Knowledge and experience of object oriented development principles and patterns.

• Knowledge and experience of common software development tools, such as configuration management, issue trackers, build engines, installer tools.

• Good English language skills, both written and spoken.


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